The Kill - Kill Them All Vinyl LP

$25.00 - $30.00

Weve dug up a box of this Australian grindcore classic!

Featuring Jay from Remains and Resistance on drums, grind doesn't get much faster than this!

A1 Insults
A2 Instant Fighter
A3 Heavy Metal Professional
A4 Lunch in QLD
A5 Holiday's Over
A6 Let's Get Mad
A7 Into The Drink
A8 The Divine World
A9 Public Execution
B1 Not The Voice
B2 Evil Dead
B3 Spittin' Chips
B4 The Pulsating Feast...
B5 Full Body Bang
B6 Metal Thrashing Mad
B7 Burn Craigieburn.burn
B8 Smooth And Shiny
B9 Pit Victim
B10 All Dead by Sunset

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