Pizza Death - Reign Of The Anticrust Vinyl LP reissue


Pizza Death's latest album "Reign Of The Anticrust" is back for revenge in a 2nd vinyl pressing in 4 tasty colours.

Margherita Yellow
Extra Pepperoni Red
Blue Cheese
Vegetarian Purple

20 cheesy tracks of thrashin pizza madness with insert

Consumed By Mushrooms
Napalm Cheese
Capricciosa Decapitation
Putin Hates Gluten Free Pizza Bases
Reclaim The Hut
Avoid The Noid
Tsunami Of Salami
Yeast Of The Deceased
The Anticrust
Pasta Of Muppets
Second Drop
Gnarly Salami
Psilocybin Pizza Murder-Suicide
Eaten O-Live By Zomb-olives
Sliced To Pieces
Meat Sweats
Blackened Remains
Pizza Death Row